Beyond Vietnam speech discussion sponsored by the Mennonite Church

The Mennonite church sponsored a discussion on April 15 to discuss Martin Luther King’s April 4, 1967 speech at The Riverside Church, in which he warned that the evils of racism, materialism, and militarism threaten the very soul of America.  

This session was designed to continue a recent April 7 Webinar hosted with Rev. Joanna Lawrence Shenk and Dr. Drew G.I. Hart. The focus was on the fierce urgency of speaking and acting now on the issues King addressed, in the nonviolent manner he espoused. 

Sponsored by 1040ForPeace, with discussion facilitated by John K. Stoner and Tony Brown. Stoner, of Akron, PA is a member of 1040ForPeace and Akron Mennonite Church. Brown lives near Pittsburgh worked for years at Hesston College and founded “Peacing it Together,” a peace and justice advocacy group using music and song.  

Review a recording of the April 7 discussion with Rev. Shenk and Dr. Hart on YouTube, and find Dr. King’s speech here .