Don Mosley started out as a very privileged young man in a wealthy family. He became one of the very first people to join JFK’s new Peace Corps, and two years in a rural village in Malaysia had a profound effect on his life. Then he and his new wife, Carolyn, returned to Asia for two more years of Peace Corps service, this time as a regional director over hundreds of other Peace Corps volunteers in South Korea. During that time they learned about the dramatic struggle against racism being carried out by the people at Koinonia Farm in south Georgia. This led them to spend an incredible decade at Koinonia, working against racism and helping to launch Habitat for Humanity.

In 1979 Don and a few others founded a new community in northeast Georgia, Jubilee Partners. They began to host refugees from war zones and other situations of great suffering from countries all around the world. As of now Jubilee has hosted more than 4,000 refugees from 40 countries. Don has helped to organize and lead dozens of delegations to many of the sources of those refugees, including more than 20 trips to Central America, a dozen to the Middle East, and others to problem areas all around Africa, North Korea, etc. He has also spoken to hundreds of audiences in universities and churches all over the US. The problems are many, but spreading love and making peace is very exciting work!